• Ensure all buyer questions can be answered, if not, reach out to Steven Philips or Ashok Kunnathusseril from the Fundraising Committee, or direct them to the church website.

  • Raffle tickets CANNOT qualify for tax-deductible charitable donations under IRS guidelines (even if the buyer forfeits the prize).

  • If the buyer is paying by check, let them know that they have a choice of either writing a check to “St. James Orthodox Mission Church,” or to the seller (with the seller remitting payment to St. James) - whatever is their preference.

  • If a check is being paid out for the raffle, it should not be combined with any other general donations. A general donation check shall be separate and written payable to “St James Orthodox Mission Church” only.

  • If it is an online payment, it is preferable that the buyer makes payments directly to the seller. And the seller shall provides a total lump sum payment to St James Orthodox Mission Church at set. If the buyer is hesitant to make a payment to the seller, the buyer can send a payment to the church venmo account. If paying by venmo to the church account, then the buyer shall write in the ticket stub # and the seller’s full name as a note on the venmo transaction. (Venmo Tag: @stjames-church Email: stjamesdallas.treasurer@gmail.com)

  • For the rest of the raffle period, the church venmo account will only be used for raffle reasons. General donations shall be made to the church paypal account or by check. The venmo account login and password will be shared with Ashok Kunnathusseril so he can track all transactions.

  • Should multiple tickets be sold, make sure each stub is marked at the very least with the buyer’s name, and one of the stubs has address and contact info.


Transferring Payment & Tracking Info

  • For ease of ensuring that none of the Raffle payments are mixed with other tax deductible charitable donations, we will have periods where we collect payments from members. Payments can be in the form of check or venmo transfers to the church account.

  • For ease of collections, we will collect payments in lump sum from members. We will collect payments from members on the last Sunday of every month until the end of the raffle except for the month of December. Lump sum collection dates will be on July 29th, August 26th, September 30, October 28th, November 25th, December 16th, December 23th. No payments will be accepted after December 23rd.

  • Till payment is received, the ticket will not be marked as sold and the stub will not be taken.

  • All checks & Venmo payments will be noted by Ashok Kunnathusseril or Giji Abraham along with the buyer information, so this information can be recorded with every raffle ticket sold.

  • Once recorded and verified, Ashok or Giji will provide lump sum payments to Church’s treasurer for deposit into St James’s account.

  • It is advised that each seller keeps track of buyer info, payments and tickets sold using the spreadsheet that has been provided to them. Each seller shall provide either a hard copy or email their tracking spreadsheet to Ashok at the same time that they are providing lump sum payments.

But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. - St. James 2:18

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